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pickypikachu replied to your photo “A combination of all my favorite ts3 skins for ts4. <3 Non-default…”

I have a question: how do u milk a butterfly?

Haha with great precision.

A combination of all my favorite ts3 skins for ts4. <3

  • Non-default only (ts4 default skins are extensive, and I will probably only release one a while from now that will be a combination of all my nondefault skins I put together)
  • Found in the skin details mouth crease section.
  • Young adult and adult female only (male version probably coming out soon)
  • Credit to Lilith for her Apple Pie Skin that was blended in parts.
  • I recommend using Zerbu’s skin overlays with this.

Download Butterfly Milk Skin NONDEFAULT

My first attempt at making a new skin for the sims 4. It’s really a shot in the dark because it is quite different from ts3. My goal was to create a skin that doesn’t have the shading that I think ages Sims unnecessarily. 

For the most part I really do like the default ea skin though.

Haha the infamous multitasking. I love it.

I would love to go to one of these Black and White Bashes.

Even the dialogue and drinks were black and white themed. Joking about penguins and drinking zebra fizz drinks… ohmygoodness it was perfect. The details in this game are awesome.

This Bonsai tree is the most random activity item ever, but I’ll just have to keep playing around with it.

Ana grew into a teenager! I made her a gloomy romantic painter and then dressed her like those AHS witches. I think she looks awesome.

First person to be set on fire award goes to Griffin!

& Ana discovers the hidden Sylvan Glades <3

omni-plant replied to your post: With higher ceilings and a New Orleans…

Have you slept at all?!

Haha no.

With higher ceilings and a New Orleans setting, I had to try to make an American Horror Story Coven inspired house. It’s now available in my gallery, you can find it by searching for #brntwaffles or #ahs

  • floor plan [1] [2]

Enjoy <3

More random pictures because I was all over this game. I have yet to check out the desert world though…

Started playing at 11pm and I feel like I’ve done nothing in the game. I have so much to explore =D

I’ve started to upload various sims to the gallery, you can find me by searching the hashtag brntwaffles. I’m using the username brntwaffles27 though.

This is the alternative dark blue color from the v2 default sarhra eyes, aka vivid blue.

These eyes were suppose to be included in the original but the original ts2 post is mislabeled and I didn’t notice till after I released it. Since I never use dark blue eyes, I figured I’d replace those.