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I added more clouds to the cool toned alien lighting mod, and now I’m going to add more red to the sunset and less pink. I think a really nice touch of crimson clouds at sunset would be a great contrast

Currently testing the cool toned alien lighting mod with a custom lime green water. 

The lighting is not green, but it is bright, and the sky and clouds are teal, as requested. These pictures show the clear sky, the cloudy sky should have much more clouds.

but isn’t there this 4GB memory use limit for TS3?

I know EA says this, but I’m pretty sure it’s the biggest lie ever. You can run ts3 with 4gb, but not well haha.

I personally noticed a huge difference playing with 4gb RAM and then playing with 8gb. I would get RAM related crashes if more than 6 sims were on a lot with 4gb, and the rendering time was so slow.

Maybe it’s because they don’t expect people to use so many mods and cc, but I need my mods and stuff, so I made sure I went on the higher end of the RAM scale haha.

I built my own computer! we have same power supply and hard drive!! how is the ssd tho? my monitor is 24 iches.. i guess i can get 270x instead of Nvidia 760 since your graphics LOOOKS SOO GOOD lol

I don’t even know yet! I haven’t even used it because I’m waiting (very impatiently) for the university to send me an operating system haha. 

My graphics are reasonable on my gaming laptop, they probably look better because of the HQ mod, and photoshopping haha. I did choose my graphics card based on the best price from this chart by MTS though.

Since I’m getting a several messages about my PC build made for the sims 3 specifically (and the sims 4, but mostly for the memory hog that is the sims 3 haha), here are the parts my brother and I put together:

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jazinga replied to your post: I think I narrowed down all the lighti…

Grats on the new PC build!

Thank you!

I built this entire PC around running the sims 3. No more 10 minute loading screens for me haha. I’m very excited about it.

I think I narrowed down all the lighting mod requests into separate projects. Can’t promise I’ll do them all, but I can say I just finished the cool toned alien lighting mod, so that’ll be uploaded first. 

I also just built a new desktop with my brother (best parts include an SSD! I’ve been wanting one of those forever!), but I’m still waiting for my operating system to arrive so I can start using it =/

I just discovered the most amazing tumblr resource for some new lighting mod color palettes, and before I start dabbling into making some more, I want to know, what lighting mods would you guys like to have in game?

Does anyone have any general thoughts about this, or any favorite parts of past lighting mods you’d like to see combined?

This whole bot building concept is definitely giving me supernatural potion mixing flashbacks haha.

Oh and I’m going to be ridiculously busy these upcoming weeks with real life stuff, so I won’t be able to post as much as I would like, but I’ll try to at least post screenshots every few days and possibly release cc, but who knows.

Petre Stewart, Concoraadia Prime II’s local athlete and heartbreaker, finds Seraf’s unworldliness charming.

My mods folder is exploding already, and here you go and give me more stuff I need! Shame on you ;P Thanks tho!

Haha! You’re welcome =)

I use to have more tuning mods than this, but I recently tried to limit it down to only the stuff I really need in game, and I literally just went through my mods folder and wrote down everything in there. I may have to add descriptions to a couple, but I feel like most are self-explanatory.

Several of the mods actually speed up my game, like the less service sims and no wildlife period ones.

Mods & CC Masterlist

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Randomly felt like throwing together contacts by adding nilou’s onamatopea eyes spotlight on my sarhra v5 eyes.

I think I may have just found my new defaults. These are adorable.

Seraf enjoying her morning in Concoraadia Prime II.