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I just discovered the most amazing tumblr resource for some new lighting mod color palettes, and before I start dabbling into making some more, I want to know, what lighting mods would you guys like to have in game?

Does anyone have any general thoughts about this, or any favorite parts of past lighting mods you’d like to see combined?

This whole bot building concept is definitely giving me supernatural potion mixing flashbacks haha.

Oh and I’m going to be ridiculously busy these upcoming weeks with real life stuff, so I won’t be able to post as much as I would like, but I’ll try to at least post screenshots every few days and possibly release cc, but who knows.

Petre Stewart, Concoraadia Prime II’s local athlete and heartbreaker, finds Seraf’s unworldliness charming.

My mods folder is exploding already, and here you go and give me more stuff I need! Shame on you ;P Thanks tho!

Haha! You’re welcome =)

I use to have more tuning mods than this, but I recently tried to limit it down to only the stuff I really need in game, and I literally just went through my mods folder and wrote down everything in there. I may have to add descriptions to a couple, but I feel like most are self-explanatory.

Several of the mods actually speed up my game, like the less service sims and no wildlife period ones.

Mods & CC Masterlist

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Randomly felt like throwing together contacts by adding nilou’s onamatopea eyes spotlight on my sarhra v5 eyes.

I think I may have just found my new defaults. These are adorable.

Seraf enjoying her morning in Concoraadia Prime II.

More screens that didn’t make it into the the final post, but these show how the world looks zoomed out from all the angles.

Just in case some of you missed it, you can get the Concoraadia Prime II save file here.

If Lunar Lakes met Oasis Landing in an alien desert city, then you’d have this Concoraadia Prime II world.

The world itself (created by the seriously talented Risastorm) comes completely empty, so I placed the lots myself in game, so several are wibbly wobbly (doctor who references happen here, okay? okay.), but I made it work as close as possible, and I love it, so I’m sure others will enjoy it as well



  • Concoraadia Prime by Risastorm
  • All expansions (except possibly showtime & world adventures) and the Lunar Lakes & Lucky Palms worlds.
  • A deco building by Luna, get it here (I can’t seem to find it uploaded separately…)



Download Concoraadia Prime II Desert City Save

Credit for world: Risastorm

Credit for various lot builds: Risastorm, Luna, Awesims, Deligracy, SNW, MunMun, Rockleyfamily, EmpressPamela, Daisylee910, myself & Glenkatko

I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been able to even touch my computer lately, but I managed to sneak some time in tonight & I’m going to release my Concoraadia Prime II City save tonight <3

I also kept my tester sims in the save, including the girl shown above. Her name is Seraphina Lake, & she is a human that is new to time travel and advanced technology, but very computer adept to her era’s technology so she’s eager to learn. She’s an edit of an earlier sims I thought I lost. I really like her face though, she’s adorable!

I added some Lucky Palms lots and updated them with ITF content! I think it compliments the futuristic desert theme of this world.

I actually had to remake the Lucky Palms Bistro to make it fit on the cliff right, but it looks really cute in the end. I named it the Purple Dandelion Bistro, after all those trees originally found here.

note to self, I want to add at least one residential high rise to the city area and probably a couple more deco skyscrapers to make it appear a bit more dense.

Crystals grow everywhere on this planet <3

I love how crystal plants have such fun interactions! I’ve seriously ignored the futuristic content in the game for too long haha All of my sims have been skilling randomly from the trees and gaining cool emotional reactions to the flowers.

I just added plenty of spawners for those crystal flowers, so they are found in most places, especially the community garden.

Currently testing the city and updating it more as I go. I love it!