let them eat
burnt waffles

This default lighting mod is a blend of Roaring Heights and the Utopian Oasis Landing weather styles. It uses longer days (9pm sunset), ddfender’s dynamic shadows, a slightly larger sun & moon, the sun has a slight aura, less bloom, and three different varying shades of sunlight depending on your weather. There are three randomized alternative sunsets, and sunrises in different shades.

Download Perfect Day Lighting Mod 4.0 with Roaring Heights Water [Mediafire Mirror]

Download Perfect Day Lighting Mod 4.0 with Roaring Heights Water and Auroras [Mediafire Mirror]

Download with Sunlit Tides water

Download with Sunlit Tides water and Auroras

*NEW*Download with Isla Paradiso water

*NEW*Download with Isla Paradiso water and Auroras

Remember to only pick one!! This is a default lighting.

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